Zipper End Caps

£2.99 GBP

Handy replacement End Caps to attach to zipper cords on jackets, coats, sleeping bags, backpacks.

These black plastic cord ends are a 'heavy-duty' version of zip cord ends, and fix to either one or two strands of cord. They can be used as a simple cord end or as a zip puller (forming a loop with a short piece of cord) or drawstring end for use with a cord lock. The fitting is slightly chunkier than standard zip ends and these are shaped to provide a good, secure finger grip even with gloved hands.  They are easy to fit with a simple 'snap over' closure. Three rows of internal spikes make a secure grip to either one or two strands of cord.

Suitable for either 3 or 4mm diameter cord.

Great Replacements on all Bugout Bags, Rescue Packs etc.

This pack contains 5pcs.

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