550 Paracord Zipper Pulls - Night Ops

£4.99 GBP

Our 'Night Ops' Shock Cord Zipper pulls attach to your existing zip pull to enhance grip. Adding one of our Zipper pulls to your jacket, kit bag or tent makes any zipper easy to locate and open or close – even with cold wet hands!

Particularly suitable for outdoor clothing and equipment, our "Night Ops" Shock Cord Zipper pulls will glow through the night to ensure you can locate your zip in the dark!

The Zip Pulls are sold in packs of five and are sealed with the cord securely attached to the clip – simply feed the cord loop through the hole in your zip and pass the clip back through the loop, pulling tight as you do so.

Made with elastic Shock Cord, and finished with a Glow Pull our Night Ops Zipper pulls will always be visible in the dark!  Glow pulls are rechargeable with natural light or blast with your flash light for an extra charge and they'll glow green for hours.

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