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Super Strong

Super Durable

Super Versatile

Ranger Bands are super strong rubber bands that are well known for being useful in a variety of applications.  They are said to have been first adopted by US Army “Rangers” hence the name.
These simple bands have been widely embraced by outdoorsmen across the world as an all-round must-have piece of equipment to join the ranks with paracord, duct tape and cable ties.
Ranger Band uses are only limited to your imagination!! Like us, I am sure you will find yourself putting them into your EDC and Bugout bags as they are so handy to have.  Remember, each band can be cut thinner lengthwise to make multiple smaller bands.
Here are some ideas
  •  Rubberized Grip (Knives, Flashlights, Bottle Caps, Handles, Knobs)
  • Shock Absorber (Battery Chargers, Walkie Talkies, Bottles)
  • Coiling Strap (Cables, Cords, Webbing, Tarps)
  • Bundling Band (Tent Stakes, Camp Utensils, Keyring Tools)
  • Attachment Band (Ferro Rod on Knife Sheaths, Tourniquets)
  • Secure Closure (Altoids Style Tins, P-38/P-51 Can Opener, Lensatic Compasses)
  • Outer Seal Gasket (Boxes, Cans, Bottles)
  • Insulate from Heat or Cold (Little Pot-Holders in a Pinch)
  • Tinder Burns with an Intense Long Lasting Flame (Exceptional for Trying to Light Damp or Wet Kindling) WARNING: Burning rubber releases carcinogens, DO NOT breath in the smoke or fumes
  • Cut into odd shapes to accommodate custom applications/repairs

Sold in packs of 10, Ranger Bands come in three different sizes:

Small, Medium & Large.  

Combo Pack, 10 each of Small, Medium and Large Bands (30 Bands in total).

Note Sizes are approximate.

Size Flat Length (mm) Flat Width (mm) Diameter (mm)
Small 22 18 12
Medium 32 23 19
Large 64 25 38

Contains small rubber parts that may be a choking hazard.  Not suitable for children.

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