11 in 1 Pocket Survival Tool

£3.99 GBP

11 in 1 Pocket Survival Tool;  made with high quality stainless steel material and has a bright and smooth surface. It is a high-quality product, with specification and size similar to the credit card.

Also known as the “Life-saving card”, it can be placed in your wallet, or hung on a key ring to carry at home or travelling, fishing or camping, many tasks can accomplished with this simple bit of kit.


  1. Can opener: easy to open tin cans.
  2. Knife: easy to cut rope.
  3. Screwdriver.
  4. Ruler: The minimum scale to mm.
  5. Bottle cap opener: for beer or beverage bottle cap opening.
  6. Location wrench: 3 different models of Hexagon Wrench, suitable for daily use of the size of bolts and nuts.
  7. Live wrench: the hollow groove strip, you can squeeze any flat type different thickness of items with screw button.
  8. Directional: measure in different directions accurately with 16 decile of the scale.
  9. Location wrench: 2 different models of Hexagon wrench, smaller than model 6.
  10. Small hole: can be hung on the key ring Specification:
  • Material: 420 high quality stainless steel
  • Size: approx 7.0 x 4.5cm
  • Weight: about 30g
  • Hardness: 55HRC


Please refer to our Over 18's Policy before purchasing this item.

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