Spool Tool

£19.99 GBP

A simple multifunctional device to store and work paracord. Holds up to 100 ft. of 550 Paracord, with everything you need to store, cut, and heat seal the ends.

​Made to eliminate the difficulties of your paracord unraveling, getting tangled up, knotting, and generally becoming a big pain to handle.  And combined with the added problem of keeping your blade/scissors and lighter close at hand;  the idea for a tool to manage it all was born…the Spool Tool

Need a way to keep your paracord stored, so that it doesn’t get all unraveled and tangled up?  The Spool Tool is a device that is used for storing, cutting, measuring, and finishing paracord and other types of ropes, cords, lines, strings, and twines. Not only does it have multiple uses but it only weighs in at 10.22 ounces with a 100 ft. of paracord and a Bic Lighter on it. This is a cool little product that looks like it is great for keeping your paracord in your bug out bag.

Spool Tool in Black, Coyote or Zombie with or without 100ft Black paracord.

Due to postal restrictions, this item is not supplied with a lighter.

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