Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Alloy Tactical Pen

£89.95 GBP

The Nitecore NTP20 is made from high quality TC4 titanium alloy, providing a sleek, robust, tactical pen. Featuring a tungsten steel, tapered tip, the pen is ideal for emergency situations as well as general and office use.
The NTP20 can be used to write in any weather condition with a stainless-steel tip, offering a long lifespan and smooth writing. The pen has a Schneider gel ink refill which is quick drying, waterproof and fade resistant.
The pen features an ergonomic, anti-slip thread to provide a comfortable and secure hold whilst using the NTP20. In addition, a streamlined clip allows for easy storage and attachment when not in use.
The hardness Tungsten Steel used in the tapered tip is rated at 89-92.5HRA by the Rockwell Scale – ranked only second to the hardness of a diamond! 
  • Pen Material: TC4 titanium alloy
  • Bezel Material: Tungsten steel
  • Length: 14.2cm
  • Weight: 37.7g (including refill)
  • Refill: Schneider Gelion 39 ballpoint pen refill

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