Nitecore NCP30 Flashlight Holster

£23.99 GBP

The Nitecore NCP30 is a durable, multi-functional holster that is ideal for carrying torches and multi-tools. The holster also offers a small side compartment for carrying tactical pens and penlights.

Made from military standard nylon, the holster is rough and rugged, rated 10 times the wear-proof capability of cotton! The NCP30 can easily be mounted onto a waistband or other Molle systems. 

The Nitecore holster features a quick-lift cover to protect the contents of the holster and can be operated using only one hand for your convenience and ease.

Available in Black

Compatible Nitecore torches include: EA21, EC20, EC25, MT25, MT2C, MT20C, MT06, P20, P20UV, P10, P12, SRT5, MH2C, MH10 and MH12. 

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