Mil-Spec Speed Laces

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Mil-Spec Speed Laces, Baghdad Boot Lace Kit

Tactical Operators often lace their boots with elastic laces.  This allows them to pre-set the tension of the laces but then to pull on the boots at speed. This saves a few seconds of time in a high-stress situation.

Rig your own Patrol Boots using elastic shock cord.  For when the SHTF in the middle of the night, getting your boots on and fiddling with your laces can waste valuable seconds…

Designed for speed and comfort, these laces make it easy to get your shoes or boots on and off.  They can’t come undone!  The laces allow your foot to expand when walking or running.

This Kit Contains 

Black 3mm Shock Cord (2 x 1.5M lengths)
2 x Cord Ends
2 x Cord Locks


How to fit Mil-Spec Speed Laces:

Firstly, thread the laces into your shoes or boots as you would do with standard laces.

Next, thread the two ends of the lace through the cord lock.  Note that the spring in our cord locks needs to be activated the first time you use them.   Firmly squeeze the lock between your thumb and forefinger until you hear a sharp “click”.  The spring will now hold the lock in position against the laces.  Adjust the cord lock along the laces, tightening as much or as little as is comfortable.

Note:  At this point, our laces can be cut to length.  The shock cord supplied in the kit is cut to fit eight-hole patrol or duty boots.  If you are lacing shoes or trainers cut off the excess shock cord at this stage – take care to leave enough to loosen the laces to remove your shoe!

Finally, clip an end cap over the two cord ends.  This finishes the laces neatly, but also prevents the cord lock from sliding off when loosening the laces for removing the boot.

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