Kevlar Thread - 20 Metre Spool

£5.99 GBP

This Genuine Kevlar® Thread Is The Strongest Synthetic Fibre In The World With <1% Static Stretch. 

These 20 Meter Spools of NATURAL YELLOW Coloured Kevlar® Are Perfect For Emergency Clothing/Tent Repairs, Snares/Tripwires,

And are a must for any survival or E&E kit.

Although it's only the thickness of a piece of thread, it's one of the strongest you can buy! 
This cord can withstand extreme temperatures and is flame-resistant. 
It features a polyurethane coating for UV resistance and increased abrasion resistance. 

It can be used for snares, traps, bows and can even cut through plastic flex ties.

One of the STRONGEST Threads you can buy!

Kevlar is bullet-proof vest material


(Don't try to break this stuff with your hands, it will cut you!)


Made in USA

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