Emergency Distress Whistles

£4.25 GBP

A Bright Orange Emergency Distress Whistle that Produces a High Decibel Noise from a low Air Input. This is a vital piece of kit to carry when out Hiking, Camping & Canoeing etc.  

Its High Decibel Output means you can easily draw attention to yourself in an Emergency Situation.  Our safety whistle is lightweight and non-corrodible with the ability to float in seawater. This life-saving device is capable of producing over 100 decibels of sound to summon help.

Made From Heavy Duty Plastic
Pealess Design - No Moving Parts To Go Wrong
Works In Any Weather Conditions
High Decibel Noise Output
Hi-Visibility Orange
Lanyard Eyelet
Pocket/Belt Clip

SOLAS Approved

Technical Information:
Polypropylene Material has an excellent chemical resistance including acids, and low water absorption. It’s an ideal combination of medium strength and creep strength.
Sizing Guide:
A= 20.79mm
B= 69.76mm
C= 10.13mm


2x Emergency Whistles with 2x Nylon Lanyards and End Caps 

This Strong & Reliable item is issued to both British and NATO Troops and is SOLAS approved for personal floatation devices.

Safety Whistle, conforms to CE EN394 and ISO 1202-8 standards.

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