Handmade Titanium Toothpick

£5.99 GBP

Titanium has many great properties. The hypoallergenic quality means no allergic reactions, as can be found with stainless and some other metal toothpicks.

Hand Crafted from 6AL-4V Titanium, these toothpicks may have very slight variations.

Striderized finish: The process involves heat colouring on an especially prepared surface.

Since an oxy-acetylene torch is used, no two Toothpicks will look exactly alike.

Always have your own personal toothpick with you.  Heat sealed in plastic wallet card for easy carry.

High quality 6AL4V titanium for a lifetime of use

A Great "Unique" Gift Idea
Use as a toothpick, skewer, emergency needle and etc...

Length: approx 80mm

Thickness: approx 1.5mm

Handmade in the UK in our own workshop!


These toothpicks are very sharp! Keep away from children!

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