EXOTAC Matchcap

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MATCHCAP™  - The Waterproof Match Case and Striker

EXOTAC present The MATCHCAP™ - A nearly indestructible waterproof match case for storing matches and other fire-starting material.  The red-phosphorus striker is integrated into the threaded area of the capsule, creating an innovative solution for having to pack separate match strikers.  To ensure their match case was going to be the best out there, Exotac added a concealed o ring, durable square threads, a bottom strike-anywhere striker, and a high-end aesthetic to bring it all together.

The MATCHCAP™ can carry all sizes of matches from the standard kitchen strike-on-the-box to NATO lifeboat matches and even the extended length storm-proof matches.  With the dual-striker design you can use safety matches, strike-anywhere matches, or a combination of two.  An O-ring keeps both the matches and the red phosphorus (strike-on-the-box) striker dry.

The inside of the MATCHCAP is larger at the bottom.  Place the majority of your matches tip down with a few tip-up for maximum capacity. When using the phosphorus striker on the top of the MATCHCAP™ it is advisable to strike from the top (opening) towards the O-ring. This will prevent any stray sparks from entering the inside of the MATCHCAP™. Carry a variety of matches (storm-proof, kitchen, strike-anywhere) as each one has a distinct advantage. 

Waterproof, safe and redundant match striker design
Replaceable striking pads – refill kits are sold separately
Works with both safety and strike anywhere matches
Holds matches up to 72mm in length
Square threaded cap for maximum durability
Unique lanyard attachment allows for two 550 paracord loops
Waterproof to depths >5 meters
Lightweight aircraft grade 6061 aluminium construction anodised, and laser engraved for durability
Unique knurl for grip and use, with strike anywhere matches
Made in the USA
Diameter: 0.90"
Match Capacity: Length: 3.30"
Kitchen Matches: 20
Weight: 0.78oz
Stormproof: 12
Strikes: 10-20 per pad
NATO: 16

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