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Turn a basic lighter into a vital piece of your Survival Kit with fireSLEEVE.
Fire is a vital component in any survival situation, and the easiest way to start a fire is with a basic lighter – some may argue this is a short cut, but the fact is a lighter provides an instant flame for igniting your fire.
The humble lighter however, does have its draw-backs; if it gets wet, you have no chance of using it until it’s dried out.  On using it to light your fire there is a definite risk of getting “thumb burn” whilst holding the gas button down for long enough for your tinder to ignite.  And there’s no easy way to attach a basic lighter to your pack for quick access.
fireSLEEVE has been designed to fit the BIC Classic Lighter like a glove.  fireSLEEVE is waterproof (up to a depth of 1 meter!) so it will keep your lighter dry.  fireSLEEVE features a gas lock to hold the gas button down to put an end to the “thumb burn” situation.
Requires BIC Classic Lighter - Not Included in Pack due to Shipping Restrictions

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