Exotac® candleTIN™

£8.45 GBP

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The candleTIN™ series offers the most versatile natural wax candle on the market.  With three wicks in each candle, two different wick burn rates, and two tin sizes, these candles can be a source of light or a powerhouse of heat.

Protegimus Tactical are stocking the Small, Slow Burn Candle.  Lighting all three wicks, this candle will provide a source of light for 4 hours.  Light just one wick this candle will burn for an amazing 12 hours.

Triple wick design

Light one wick for maximum efficiency or light all three wicks for maximum heat and light.

Durable, reusable tin

The small candleTIN™ has a screw top tin.

100% Beeswax

Beeswax is the cleanest wax you can burn.  Free from petroleum products, it is pleasing to light and provides a safe alternative to low-cost petroleum based candles.

Made with Care

Exotac® make all their beeswax candles in house from start to finish, they take great pride in being part of a process that has been around for more than 500 years.

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