Compressed Towel – Blister Pack.

£3.99 GBP

8 Pack

These are a condensed, pill-sized cloth, about the size of a Pound Coin.  Perfect for your Rescue Kit, Bugout-Bag, or glove compartment. Dampen the little pill, and it expands to 30x 40cm (8 x 10”) cloth for quick clean-ups.

Supplied in a pack of 8 and sealed individually into blister packs these towels will stay sealed and dry until you need them

Besides being very small, they are very strong (they are cloth, not a paper towel) and do not shred.  They can be kept and reused, but can be disposed of without guilt. If you need something portable, they are perfect. They are ideal in your car for instant spill clean-up or at the office, for coffee spills or whatever.

Great for personal hygiene in emergencies or just a backup for when you are stuck on extended duty.

Germ Free

Sanitary disposable tissue which is dried and compressed by using pure natural pulp

The most hygienic disposable wet towel, because it uses drinking water

No preservative, Alcohol-free, No fluorescent material.

Bacterial growth is impossible because it is dried and compressed.

This is eco-friendly product which is made from natural material that is biodegradable after use.

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