50ft x 3mm Black 550 Paracord

£5.99 GBP

Our cord is genuine US Government Contractor GSA Compliant 7 strand Type III Cord. 550lb Paracord, 100% nylon and made in the USA.
Paracord is a handy survival tool that can also be kept easily accessible by weaving into a belt or as replacement boot laces.
Paracord has about as many uses as leaves on a tree, so keeping it available is a wise and possibly lifesaving idea, whether hiking in the wilderness, practicing survival techniques or just working in the garage.
One of the most useful & universal items you could ever carry in your outdoor kit.
Can even be separated and used as fishing line or sewing thread! 
  • Incredibly Strong
  • Flexible woven outer
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Rot & Mildew Resistant
  • Soft & Flexible for ease of use and giving better rope dexterity
  • Ultra violet light resistant to reduce fading in constant sunlight
  • Colour transfer resistant to reduce colours transmit when wet
  • Low stretch for more secure tie downs and easier knotting & un-knotting
  • Low shrink & expansion when wet
  • Tight weave to reduce pulls & snags
Length – 50 ft
Diameter – 3mm
Available Colours – Black

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