Tactical Glow Pulls

£4.99 GBP

Just flash them for a few seconds with your favourite tactical light OR let them charge up under ordinary lighting and they'll glow all night long. The longer you hit them with bright light the longer they'll glow.

Anything that has a zipper or a lanyard would benefit greatly by the addition of a Glow Pull.

Maxpedition packs, backpacks, bug-out bags, first-aid kits, zippers on jackets and sleeping bags and tents, lanyards on knives or flashlights...

Glow pulls consist of two pieces.

1. The black housing.

2. The green glowing insert.

All you do is take two pieces of paracord and lightly melt each end with a lighter to prevent it from fraying. Then you slip each end through the black housing and then press it into the track/channels of the green glow insert. Then you push the green glowing insert into the black housing while pulling on the lengths of paracord in order to lock both pieces together. This is PERMANENT! These are designed to be very secure and once both pieces are locked together you will not be able to get them apart. Your paracord ends are inside of there forever and will not come loose no matter how hard you pull.

The Glow Pulls work the best with 1/8" 325 accessory cord/paracord Order Code 0002347), but they'll also work with 550 paracord (Order Code 0002374) although it takes more strength to push both pieces together.

Gladius lanyard above shows how they look when assembled.

We're selling Glow Pulls in sets of 6. Each set of 6 Glow Pulls includes 6 black housings and 6 green glow inserts.

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