SOLAS Retro Reflective Markers

£5.99 GBP

This is the silver coloured white light reflective tape; it is not the Infra Red 'black light' type.  Our SOLAS markers are highly reflective when a light source strikes the tape at both narrow and wide entrance angles.  

These patches can be seen in use on UK and US uniforms in Afghanistan to aid troop recognition at night and reduce the possibility of 'blue on blue' contacts.  

MCA MED "Ships Wheel "approved, this tape is not just a military item, and has multiple safety and identification applications.  Often used in Marine Safety our SOLAS markers maintain a high degree of reflectiveness even when wet.

Combat tested in Iraq, Afghanistan and used by many Special Forces, Tactical and Rescue Teams Worldwide.

Available in two different sizes with a number of fixing methods, please make your selection above.

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