Glint/Glow Zipper Pulls

£4.99 GBP

Personal Glint and Glow markers for civilian or military personnel.

A pack of three hard cased zipper pulls, housing a photo luminescent disc of Cyflect tape.  The disc glows brightly after being “charged” either by daylight or by holding the disc to a flashlight for one minute.  The glow is long lasting and perfect for marking your kit whilst working in low light or darkness.

Our zipper pulls are simple to attach, just feed the cord through the zipper hole and pull through, then feed the encased Cyflect through the cord and pull tight.

Cyalume Cyflect is photo luminescent and retro-reflective.  This means that it reflects light from its surface and glows in the dark.  Cyflect material is waterproof and holds reflective properties even when wet.  It is the only product where 100% of surface area reflects and glows and is visible through fog and smoke.  The material is rechargeable, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

Reflects WHITE and glows GREEN.

The best marker for anything you wish to see in the dark.


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