Incident Report Book

£16.99 GBP

Each Book consists of 50 2pt NCR Sets

  • Printed in black ink on both parts and numbered.
  • Part 1 perforated down left hand edge
  • Part 2 stays fast in book
  • Blue cover
  • Bound down the left hand edge
  • A4 sized: 297x210mm

Accurately record Incident details for evidence.  Record details including Site Name & Location, Date and Time of the incident.  Space is provided for a detailed statement of the incident, what action was taken and the result of the action. 

Each two part set is printed in black ink and are exact copies.  The sets are numbered alike and run consecutively through the book.  The White (Part1) is perforated for removal and the Yellow (Part2) stays in the book creating a numbered history which can’t be tampered with undetected.

Intended for (but not exclusively restricted to) Security Officers, we would recommend this in any workplace; retail, commercial or industrial.  Accurate record keeping is vital, whether it be for a theft, break in or robbery; assault or damage to property. 

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