VisiPad™ - 2 Pack. Ultra-flat ID & Marking Emitter.

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Green - Sold in pairs (2 per pack)

Ultra-flat and ultra-light, VisiPad™ is a rectangular and space saving (11 cm x 6 cm) chemical light device.  With a 10 -hour duration, VisiPad™ is waterproof and non-toxic with a phthalate free formulation; it provides light without any generation of heat, sparks, or gas emission. Completely autonomous and always ready to use, VisiPad™ is non-flammable and maintenance free.

Each VisiPad™ has a self-adhesive backing that allows for placement on patients, buildings or other structures.  The backing pad also has pre-cut hooks and holes allow for hanging on wires or lines in situations where adhesive wouldn’t work.

Its flat surface allows it to be marked easily with any permanent marker, this makes identification more precise.  Mark, sort, signal and identify.

VisiPad™ is used among specialist firefighting, search & rescue units in a variety of applications such as:

  • Identification of risk areas, secure areas, or regrouping areas,
  • Marking for rescue personnel and response personnel,
  • Placement on patients for medical triage, evacuation procedures, MEDEVAC (counting)
  • Signing of response areas
  • Marking & traffic signs
  • Marking of obstructions and hazards
  • Marking of exits and entrances

Activation is easy. Just press, snap, and shake and within a short time the colour will cover the VisiPad™ surface.

VisiPad™ can be easily stored in pockets, pouches or kits – a must have for your EDC.

NSN 6260-01-564-0197                     SPM8E7-12-M-0175

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