ChemLight® Marker Kit

£15.99 GBP

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Safer than standard flares, ChemLight Flares don’t emit fire, toxic chemicals or fumes. They are ideal for all emergency scenes - even medic evacuation landing zones - where warning lights are crucial. Because they are ChemLights; they are safe to use in hazardous and possible flammable areas.

If you are stranded in a dangerous spot use the ChemLight florescent emergency marker set on the roadside. This will alert other motorists to your presence and prevent them from running into your vehicle.  

Add extra visibility to yourself by attaching a ChemLight to your body with the supplied lanyard adding an additional alert point to approaching vehicles.


Kit Includes

  • 4 x ChemLights 12Hour (RED)
  • 4 x Wire Stands
  • 4 x Cable Ties
  • 1x SOLAS Emergency Whistle
  • 1 x Safety Lanyard


All supplied in easy storage plastic carry tube with reflective marker.

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