Bianchi AccuMold SL 3.2.1 Retention Duty Holster

£40.00 GBP

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Compatible with current UK Police and Military; suitable for training with the use of a secured holster.
Right Hand
Glock 17, 22
Nylon Black
Size 13
Right hand
Part No. 22474
Bianchi's SL3.2.1 SpeedLok Duty Holster takes retention to a new level. Holster your weapon, and it's automatically secured. Once secured it cannot be removed until the retaining device is deactivated. This holster is exceptionally light, and has an ErgoTek cushion system in the belt loop so your holster and weapon ride comfortably.
Auto Retention
Jacket slot ErgoTek cushioned belt loop
Open muzzle
2-1/4" belt width and
Abrasion-resistant finish
Technical Information:
Material: Trilaminate Nylon
Style: Standard Ride
Fits: Glock 17, 22
Utilizes Bianchi's exclusive Auto Retention feature
Single plane drawing motion is natural and fast
User adjustable Tension Bars on belt loop help keep holster securely in place on belt
Fits 2-1/4" Duty Belts
Auto Retention Definition: how a weapon, once holstered, and without securing any other external retention devices, instantly locks into place. Once secured in this manner, it cannot be removed by jerking, twisting, or pulling in any direction until the retaining device is deactivated.

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